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The new hub for EDM fans offers a bastion of beats, a way to keep up with the music, and a slice of a $4 billion global industry. Creator Seth Goldstein’s DJZ Is A New Network For Electronic Dance Music Lovers

For fans of DJs Tiesto and Pauly D, “EDM” is as ubiquitous an acronym as “LOL.” So it was only a matter of time before someone launched a high-profile hub for EDM–electronic dance music, to the uninitiated–heads to follow their favorite DJs wherever they are.


That’s what DJZ, a new DJ-centric music site created by cofounder Seth Goldstein, aims to be.

On DJZ, fans can keep up with their favorite DJ’s social media channels on their individual artist pages, track upcoming concerts and events, read and watch original editorial content, and, of course, listen to music.

DJZ has also launched its first mobile product, the free DJZtxt app, which combines two favorite Gen-Z pastimes: texting and listening to EDM. On DJZtxt, emojis are associated with different sound samples, such as a drum beat or synth. String a few emojis together and send your message to a friend, who can play back your mini musical masterpiece. DJZtxt is also a potential revenue source: Goldstein tells TechCrunch the app will eventually sell premium samples from big-name artists.

DJZ is one of several fledgling DJ-centric social music sites, including Fuzz and Topdeejays. So naturally it’s pulled in venture superstars, including Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, and GenFlux leader Troy Carter, who manages Lady Gaga. DJZ advisors include Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff, Goldstein’s cofounder Billy Chasen, and EDM darling DJ Shadow.

But with all those investor heavy hitters comes the pressure to profit. So it’s helpful that EDM was the highest-growing genre of mainstream music in the U.S. in terms of album sales last year, according to an International Music Summit report that estimates EDM is a $4 billion global industry.

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