• 11.01.12

Simplee Adds Medicare Support In Its Quest To Become The Of Your Health Care Expenses

Medicare beneficiaries can now track all their expenses using Simplee’s centralized dashboard.

Simplee Adds Medicare Support In Its Quest To Become The Of Your Health Care Expenses

Simplee, the online service for tracking and managing your health care expenses, just introduced support for Medicare, opening itself up to the 48 million Americans who qualify as Medicare beneficiaries, who in 2010 received more than $5 billion in benefits.


Simplee, along with competitors such as CakeHealth, is often described as the of managing your medical expenses. The free service allows you to view, manage, and even pay off your health care expenses from a simple, centralized dashboard.

Simplee, which had already provided coverage for 80% of insurers in the U.S., says its platform will help Medicare patients wade through the complex maze of claims and benefits. This becomes especially complicated for the many beneficiaries who are covered under secondary insurance, because health care claims go through the separate insurance companies for payment. That makes it hard for Medicare patients to get a simple picture of their disparate claims, bills, and benefits, which in turn could make them vulnerable to missed benefits.

“While Medicare is a lifeline for many older Americans, it can be more complex and confusing than regular private insurance, especially for those who have coverage from more than one insurance plan,” El Camino Hospital’s Scott Farr said in a statement. “Medicare patients experience billing problems largely because of…the complicated way in which these plans interact.”

It will be interesting to see how helpful Simplee’s service will be for the Medicare demographic, which also happens to have the lowest percent of Internet users, with 58% of all Americans over 65 getting online. That being said, the number of Medicare patients is projected to nearly double to 77 million beneficiaries by 2030, many of whom will already be comfortable managing all kinds of personal expenses online.

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