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SurveyMonkey Takes The Eventbrite Platform Beyond Tickets

Understanding who's at your event is important when you're trying to poll them. Eventbrite provides the list.

SurveyMonkey Takes The Eventbrite Platform Beyond Tickets

Enabling ticket selling in other apps isn't exactly revolutionary. But Eventbrite's open API also allows event organizers to use their attendee lists—essentially mini-social networks—within the context of other services. And that could be.

On Wednesday, SurveyMonkey released an example of how valuable Eventbrite's guest lists can be. The integration allows event organizers to easily conduct SurveyMonkey polls of their attendees before and after events.

To use the feature, organizers log into their Eventbrite accounts. They can either choose from templates for event feedback or create their own polls. For instance, they might ask attendees for their topics of interest before a conference or their wine preferences before a party.

Integrating its services with other apps is part of Eventbrite's growth strategy.

"When you’re moving in to dominate a space, you can’t be everywhere at once," CEO Kevin Hartz told Fast Company last week about the benefit of an open API.