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Post-Sandy, FCC Warns Of Worsening Cell Phone Networks

Sandy has wreaked havoc on the cell phone network, the FCC chair said yesterday. Julius Genachowski told reporters that due to sustained power outage and damage to cell sites the situation would probably get worse before it got better. The main problem for people, he said, was the fact that people would be unable to charge their devices once their batteries had run out of juice.

Around one in four mobile network sites have been knocked out throughout ten states, from Virginia to Massachussetts. On the cable front, around 25 per cent of homes were without broadband, with cable services down. And, he reminded everyone, as the storm sweeps westward, the number of affected states will only rise.

Regarding the Internet, Renesys has analysed east-coast connectivity during the crisis, and it's clear to see from the graphic that New York has taken the brunt of the damage. Over 1200 networks were out of action by 5am yesterday morning, as were several Manhattan-based data centers.

Reports yesterday that the AC-2 undersea cable, connecting the East Coast to Europe, had issues was refuted yesterday. It was operating normally, said its operator, Level3, but one of its subsidiary connections had incurred a fiber cut. There were, however, "no major service disruptions."