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Generation Flux

Generation Flux Salon: How Do You Measure The ROI Of A Risk? (How Do Silicon Valley And Hollywood Approach It Differently?)

Without risk, there can be no success—but how do you know which risks are worth pursuing? How do Hollywood and Silicon Valley evaluate the ROI of a risk differently? Troy Carter, Derrick Ashong, Franklin Leonard, Cindy Gallop, Tiffany Shlain, and readers discuss as our salon series continues.

It has often been said on this site that there can be no success without the willingness to take a risk. But how do you evaluate the potential ROI of a risk? Do Silicon Valley and Hollywood approach risk evaluation—and risk in general—differently?

Join Troy Carter, CEO of Atom Factory; Derrick Ashong, former Al Jazeera host; Black List founder Franklin Leonard; Make Love Not Porn founder Cindy Gallop; and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain as the latest installment of our Generation Flux salon series continues.

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