What Are The Scariest Things In Your Office?

One need not go looking for ghouls and goblins to be scared this Halloween. Simply look around your own office–and tell us what’s freaking you out in the workplace these days.

What Are The Scariest Things In Your Office?

For years, I consulted a top public relations firm that was housed in the Esperson Building, the first high rise building constructed in Houston. Known for its ghost, no one wanted to be the first one to arrive or the last person working after hours in this building.


The Esperson ghost appeared to be friendly, never causing much of a problem other than the occasional shadow, burst of cold air, or slammed door. I always thought it was the original owner of the building just making sure everything was OK. In fact, there are much scarier things in an office than a ghost.

A very unscientific poll (yes, I asked my Facebook friends), uncovered the scariest things in an office, from least to most terrifying:

1.The ‘borrower’ who never brings anything back.

2.The secretive, untrusting boss, who closes the door for everything.

3.The copier.

4.The coworker who fights with his or her significant other or discusses gross medical issues loudly on the phone for all to hear.


5.The lunch thief.

6.The wearer of heavy perfume or cologne.

7.The coworker who comes to work sick as a dog and contagious.

8.The food trash that gets left in a bin over the weekend. Especially in one of those offices where building management turns the air off over the weekend. Yew.

9.The coworker we like to refer to as “Coffee Cup Guy” – the one who comes by your desk all day and says things like “Are ya workin’ hard or hardly workin’?” No one is ever really sure what this person actual does for the company.

And, the scariest thing in an office?


10. The refrigerator.

Happy Halloween! What scares you in your workplace?

Dayna Steele is the creator of Your Daily Success Tip and the author of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. She works from home and the scariest thing in her office is when she does not get out of her pajamas until late in the afternoon.

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