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Holy Demise, FedEx, And More Of The Most Popular Stories This Week

The most popular stories of the week on the Fast Company network.

Holy Demise, FedEx, And More Of The Most Popular Stories This Week

1. Flowchart: How The World Ends
How will the human race end? The holy book promises a confusing array of options, this cheerful infographic will help you plan.

2. The Story Behind The Famous FedEx Logo, And Why It Works
Matthew May argues that the best logos are hidden beneath the text.

3. With iPad Mini, Apple Switches From Offense To Defense
The iPad Mini marks a true shift in thinking for Apple. Has the company become too big to take real risks?

4. A Trampoline Bridge For Bouncing Across Paris’s River Seine
I’m sure the French will love having Americans bounce across their most famous river en masse.

5. Inside Starbucks’s $35 Million Mission To Make Brand Evangelists Of Its Front-Line Workers
Fast Company
10,000 Starbucks employees spent over two hours inside a 400,000-square-foot leadership lab. Here’s what they learned.

6. A Top Dell Exec On Why His Company Didn’t Invent The iPad
Fast Company
“The reason we didn’t come up with [the iPad] is because there wasn’t an OS provider that could work with a tablet.”

7. Rio 2016’s Olympic Typeface Is Drawn From The City’s Famous Icons
The next Olympic font was designed by a Helvetica hater, and references both Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture and Rio’s famous Carnival.

8. Ben And Jerry’s Becomes A B Corporation
A poster child for honorable business practices becomes the first B Corporation that is part of a publicly traded company.

9. The 15 Leading Country Brands Of The Future
A country’s image influences potential investments, partnerships, and business growth. Find out which countries are perceived best and how yours can get onto the list.

10. Why The Ad Industry Is In A Talent Rut And A Prescription For Change
Six ideas for agencies on how to train their talent for the future of advertising.

Check out our favorite stories from around the web this week.

1. How Designers Plan To Create The ‘Route 66 Of The Future’
Self-illuminated roads, car charging lanes, and contextual paint may grace our highways in the future.

2. Welcome To Polygon
“Polygon,” the Vox Media-run site for video gameboys (and girls) is finally live.

3. Guns On The Move
Find out where guns are going and where they have been in this infographic.

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