Workplace Dos and Don’ts For Election Week

Workplace Dos and Don’ts For Election Week

With an important election just days away, emotions are running high. Here is a handy guide to print and post in your office or workplace to keep things civil:

  • Don’t tell your employees whom they have to vote for or threaten their jobs if they do not vote for your choice of candidate. We don’t do that in the USA.
  • Do try to listen. If we all listened to each other more, we would find many more points of agreement.
  • Do encourage everyone to vote. It is the most important voice we have in the United States of America.
  • Do encourage civil discussion. Remember, this is an election, not a football game.
  • Do give your employees extra time during early voting or on Election Day to vote. Do let them know they can come in late, leave early, or take a longer lunch to vote. Don’t dock their pay for this extra time.
  • Don’t express your negative opinion about the candidates. You never know whom you might offend.
  • Don’t berate others for their choice.
  • Do keep it civil if a political conversation is inevitable; explain why you like your candidate not why you dislike the other one.
  • And, the number one piece of advice I garnered from others was, “Don’t discuss politics in the office. Ever. Period.”

“The beauty and wonder of this country is freedom of speech. We often vote with our emotions and not with logic and fact. In an electronic sound bite country, having dialogue without diatribe is a good thing.”–Jon Perry, Owner, Merchant Services

My personal advice? Never talk about politics, religion, or cats–you will always drive away half of your fans!

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