Apple Mini Sing-Song* and Apple Patent Ding-Dong**

More food for thought on the Apple machine, as commentators and media makers digest the implications of Super-Launch Tuesday. Plus today’s inevitable Apple-Samsung Patent Bingo Lottery news. Today’s winner is…

Apple Mini Sing-Song* and Apple Patent Ding-Dong**

This week has been a larger-than-normal one for Apple: As well as Tuesday’s launch of a puh-lethora of spanky new gewgaws, this afternoon investors will be “holding for Tim Cook” on conference call for the firm’s fiscal Q4 results. But guess what? All everyone is still really talking about is the iPad Mini.


Although Cupertino has come in for some quizzing over the price of the iPad Mini, with Phil Schiller out in defense, most analysts reckon Junior will still make Apple a whole bunch of profit, without impinging on the sales of existing (ergo, cheaper) 7-inch tablets. A nice post from Fortune (if you’ve got the time to wade through it) collated the financial world’s views on the latest addition to the family. Won’t affect share price, Apple’s products make the firm money–remember what Jeff Bezos said about the Kindles last week–keeps the brand premium, you know.

There’s also a lot of focus on the firm’s souped-up peripherals, including the 12W charger (coming as standard with the Mini and the iPad 4) which will speed up the somewhat turgid charge time of old-school iPads.

And finally, let us turn to the Apple-Samsung Patent Rollover Bingo Sweepstake Lottery. Yesterday’s big loser in the courts was Samsung, as a U.S. International Trade Commission judge ruled that the Korean firm had infringed four intellectual property patents, including one for touchscreen technology and one for the iPhone’s face. The U.S. Patent Office, however, has “rejected” one of Apple’s bounce-back patents.

This doesn’t really mean much for Samsung–the two-year process is between USPTO and Apple alone, and rejection doesn’t mean “Apple Patent, you are no longer a patent, you are fired,” but instead means, “Apple Patent, you’re not wearing the correct dress code for the Patent discotheque. Either return in chinos and a button-down shirt, or come back to me with a valid argument about why you should come through the red velvet rope wearing what you’re wearing.” Ooh, I’m all analogy-ed out now. Anyone fancy a cuppa?

*Part 2

**Part Oohwahahazillion

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