advertisement Shuts Down iOS Apps And Doubles Down On The New Digg Shuts Down iOS Apps And Doubles Down On The New Digg

Betaworks’ has pulled its iPhone and iPad app from the App Store for good, the team wrote in a blog post today. What’s next? As the team has implied in the past, it’s now going to focus solely on its continual efforts to revive the new Digg.


Like Flipboard, the social newsreader apps dished up news stories based on the links your friends and their friends were sharing on Twitter and Facebook. But, as the team writes, Twitter has been building its own products around news discovery on the platform, and that combined with a violation of its newest API guidelines led to kill the apps for good. (’s personalized email newsletter service will still go on, uninterrupted.)

“We don’t want to invest time and energy into an application that competes with a platform on which it relies,” the team writes.

So instead, the team will focus all of its efforts on reaching more casual news consumers through Digg, which it says has seen more than 4 million visitors since it (re)launched 12 weeks ago. has hinted that this was the direction they were headed all along.

“It’s really where we wanted to take News.Me anyway,” Digg and general manager Jake Levine told Fast Company in August. “Digg just gave us the opportunity to do that, and to do it at a scale on day one that we would never have had with just News.Me.”

[Image: Flickr user Denise1922]