The Morning After The Launch Before

So, Apple launched some stuff yesterday. Nice stuff. Smaller stuff – a concentration, not a reduction, people – thinner stuff, sharper stuff– in short, all the stuff that gets people excited – especially in time for the holidays. Anyway, the Internet is full of people like me who like stuff, and like to write about the stuff so that other people can read about the stuff on the older stuff that they already own, and perhaps wonder about whether they should buy the newer stuff. So, yee-ha and giddy up chaps, it’s Apple Stuff round-up time.

Our own Mark Wilson sees yesterday’s event as proof that Apple is now guarding the tablet market jealously, rather than throwing up wild and crazy new products that we didn’t even know we needed. Elsewhere, Farhad Manjoo (also our own) sees the firm under the current management as superlative to how it was during Steve Jobs’ reign.

Stats now. Engadget have done a neat little table on how Apple’s 7.9-incher measures up to the competition. While it may lose out on price, screen resolution and memory, it’s a big win for thickness, camera, battery and weight (just). Mini pre-orders begin on Friday, and shipping starts a week after that, with prices ranging from $329 to $549. Finally, you will be able to get the Minmewotsit on contract from the telcos from the middle of next month.

Oh, and there’s another company that’s launching some stuff – well, one stuff with some peripheral stuff on the side – and the reviews are in. Heartbreaking work or staggering genius?AD