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Yahoo Trains Its Gaze On Mobile

Marissa Mayer yesterday gave a glimpse of what the world is to expect from Yahoo. In her first investor call as CEO, ostensibly to reveal the firm's averagely average Q3 results, she revealed her plans for both Yahoo's internal culture as well as what its core values would be.

  • The firm's main focus will be in mobile.
  • There will be no "pivot" into new business territories.
  • Mega-priced acquisitions are out, instead, there would be a ceiling of around $100 million.
  • Search and Display were equally important to the business.
  • Something will be done with the huge pile of as-yet-unused user data acquired by the company.

So, not too many specifics, as it were, but why would Mayer reveal her hand so early? She's loved her first 100 days at the firm, yes, they are hiring, Microsoft is still in the frame, and she has yet to reach out to Google for any tie-ups.

[Creative Commons image via Flickr user nrkbeta]