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Apple Wins Latest Patent Scuffle In Japan

Captain's log, Apple-Samsung Patent Dispute Date Ninehundredty-hundred-oh-four-five-five-snore - sorry, four. The U.S.S.S.S.S. Enterprise docked this morning in a court in Japan to find that a court there had found in favor of Apple in its latest patent dispute with Samsung.

Said patent dispute hinged on whether Apple had violated an app download. Negative, said the court. Said patent dispute also hinged on whether Apple had violated something to do with Flight/Airplane mode. Negative, said the court. We've left Bones in court to find out which way the third patent, blah blah homescreen space blah blah, goes, but the rest of us are off to a planet that's a bit more interesting (translation: with more bodacious lady-aliens running free amongst the space foliage).