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Brazil's Newspapers Samba Away From Google

Newspapers in Brazil have uncoupled themselves from Google News, claiming that their presence on the search engine is preventing their online operations from growing. It's a pre-emptive strike on the firm, involving all 154 members of the Associacao Nacional de Journais—that's 90% of the country's circulation of dailies.

Google's attitude is that it channels a billion clicks to news sites worldwide and so should be exempt from paying for content. The sites will still, however, be available on Google's main site—suggesting that the move is more bark than bite. Search is, of course, the firm's main business, and it's an unwelcome distraction as Google launches a pair of Nexus mobile devices. And a team of German researchers this morning claimed that some Android apps available on Play have security holes, revealing users' passwords and bank details.

Last week Google threatened to unhitch France's media from its pages if Government-proposed legislation to levy a content tax on search engines made it onto the statute books.