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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: AOL Alto, Innovation By Design, And More

You already knew Watson was the king of Jeopardy, but did you know that Watson might soon be helping doctors and financial analysts make more informed decisions? This story and more in this week's top 10.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: AOL Alto, Innovation By Design, And More

1. 8 Signs You've Found Your Life's Work
Fast Company
Time to dust off that old resume? Amber Rae's 8 tests determine if you are in the right job.

2. Email Is The New Pony Express—And It's Time To Put It Down
Fast Company
Email is eating your time and killing your productivity. Here's how to keep it in check.

3. AOL May Have Invented Email’s Next UI Paradigm
AOL is not old and it is not dead. AOL Alto (AOL's new inbox service) syncs with your current email provider and offers what might be the best UX in the business.

4. Red Bull Stratos Shatters Records—And Traditional Notions Of Marketing
Felix Baumgartner's epic jump and partnership with Red Bull has redefined marketing and set new standards for branding.

5. The 11 Winners Of Our Innovation By Design Awards
The first annual Innovation By Design awards were given out earlier this week. Check out what our esteemed panel of judges selected from the impressive entries.

6. Haagen-Dazs Turns To A Design Studio To Reinvent The Ice Cream Bar
For stargazers and dairy lovers (ideally both), Haagen-Dazs churns out some moon-inspired ice cream treats.

7. The Secrets Of Generation Flux
Fast Company
The Gen Flux series takes a deeper dive into Nike, Box, and Cisco and the people that have made them successful.

8. IBM's Watson Is Learning Its Way To Saving Lives
Fast Company
Watson has already conquered the game show world. Now it's on a mission to revolutionize health care and finance.

9. Creating A Visual Brand For Every U.S. President
U.S. Presidents branded for the consumer age. Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose is not an image you will soon forget.

10. An Infographic Breakdown Of The World’s Greenest Cities
A fantastic infographic that breaks down the efficiencies (and inefficiencies) of the greenest cities in the world.

Check out our favorite stories from around the web this week.

1. Should We Screen Kids’ Brains and Genes To ID Future Criminals?
It appears that sci-fi ethical dilemmas are upon us.

2. How to Make a GIF: BuzzFeed spills its secrets and breaks down Barack Obama, Mitt Romney's debate into animated moments
NY Daily News
BuzzFeed's Mike Hayes on how to make your own GIF.

3. Tech Game Changers
HuffPost Live
Catch up on Tech Game Changers, Paperless Post, Google+, and Guy Kawasaki.

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