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White House Inquiry Clears Huawei From Spying

Ten days after a congressional committee insinuated it was a risk to national security, Huawei has been exonerated by the White House. Although the 18-month review, which concluded earlier this year, supported parts of Congress's findings, the firm was found not to be a spy risk. The firm's hardware was, however, found to be vulnerable to hackers.

Allegations of spying are completely unfounded, said one of the sources. "We knew certain parts of government really wanted" [evidence]. "We would have found it if it were there." Huawei's problems apparently lie with its equipment, saying that poor programming has led to vulnerabilities in the firm's routers. One security expert claimed that it was five times easier to find a hole in a Huawei router than one made by Cisco.

The White House has refused to comment on the report.