4 Principles Of Success, From A Space Memorabilia Expert

Michael Orenstein was a space memorabilia expert trusted by the most famous of astronauts to handle their treasures. If you want to be a leader in your industry, there’s plenty to learn from his example.

4 Principles Of Success, From A Space Memorabilia Expert

This is a primer for anyone who wants to be a leader in this world. This is also a tribute to a rock star.


This rock star was at the top of the charts, had a slew of hits behind him, had a cocky way at times, knew exactly what he wanted when he wanted it, and awed everyone he came in contact with. You’ve probably never heard of him.

Space memorabilia expert Michael Orenstein up and died on me a few weeks ago and quite frankly, I just wasn’t ready for him to go yet. I needed one more space clinic, maybe a single malt scotch or two, and there was that dinner at Frenchy’s Italian Restaurant that was a must anytime he came to town. He had promised me one more.

You may not have heard of him or care anything about space memorabilia but if you want to be successful, be a leader, a rock star at what you do, then you at least need to know how he conducted himself until the very end.

Michael Orenstein epitomized the rock star principles of success.

He had a deep passion for what he did and that translated to the utmost integrity and quality in anything he did. The most famous of astronauts trusted him with their treasures and those who bought those items trusted him as well.

Michael was knowledgeable. He did his homework. If he told you an auction item had been on the moon as a part of its history, then you knew it had been on the moon. There was no question with Michael–he did the work it took to ensure every piece of space memorabilia he brought to auction was authenticated in the most thorough way. He didn’t skip steps or assume; he confirmed.


This space memorabilia expert not only knew his craft, he knew his audience–his customers. Michael would fly to the far corners of the earth to see a collection and appraise it. He asked for introductions and got them because you knew he would not take advantage of the relationships and he would do just that, form a relationship, with everyone you sent his way.

Lastly, Michael never, ever forgot to say thank you for the referrals and leads that were sent his way. It might be a call, a note, an email, a bottle of that single malt scotch he loved or even once, it was salmon–cleaned, filleted, and shipped overnight from his annual Alaskan fishing trip. Best damn salmon ever.

Want to be a leader in your field? Practice the rock star principles of success–passion, knowledge, networking and appreciation. That was Michael Orenstein. He truly rocked.

Dayna Steele is a success strategist and the creator of Your Daily Success Tip. Her latest book is 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day.

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