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Voice Recognition? Pshaw. Samsung Brings Handwriting Recognition To Smartphones, Tablets

Luddites rejoice: The nifty feature will be available for Samsung's stylus-based smartphones and the Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

Voice Recognition? Pshaw. Samsung Brings Handwriting Recognition To Smartphones, Tablets

Samsung's Galaxy Note products will support a nifty new handwriting recognition technology provided by the firm Vision Objects. In doing so, it's reaching out to an unlikely adopter: the paper-loving Luddite.

When Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in August, it introduced the S Pen stylus, which helped Samsung position itself as the choice for people who use their tablets to make a quick sketch or take some notes. Handwriting recognition is a nice addition to that, and might help Samsung drive adoption of its tablets, even by technophobes, to whom the idea of pen-on-paper (or pen-on-screen, as it were) is familiar for all kinds of uses.

"With our handwriting recognition and the S Pen, people can now expect a lot more from their device for uses such as note taking in meetings and lectures, writing messages, ideation and brainstorming, data capture in enterprises, document annotation, easily entering mathematical expressions, educational games and more," Vision Objects CEO Stefan Knerr said in a statement.

Also back in August, Evernote partnered with Moleskine, the storied notebook maker of choice for everyone from Hemingway to hipsters, to launch the Evernote Smart Notebook. You can scribble your thoughts in the Smart Notebook, scan the page with your smartphone or tablet's camera, then upload and save to Evernote, where its own technology makes your handwritten notes searchable.

[Image: Flickr user Taylor Liberato]

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