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Twitter Users Are Female, Like Purple And Have 208 Followers

So, this is what social marketing media firm Beevolve has to say about the average Twitter user. She's an American of indeterminate age, uses an iPhone, likes the color purple (not The Color Purple, although is that a Venn diagram I see in the distance?) and she has 208 followers. The gender split was 53-47 in favour of women, but the survey, which monitored 36 million Twitter accounts, also found that a quarter of them had never been used.

Anyway, these findings beg a follow-up question: what does the average user on the other social networks look like? It's a surprisingly hard to find an answer - for Facebook especially. Despite the factoid sheet released by the Mark Zuckerberg and his "little team" to celebrate its one billionth user (congratulations, unnamed person, you win a two-minute virtual trolley dash around FarmVille) the social network is keeping quiet about its male-female divide. But then, Facebook keeps quiet about a lot of things.

Google+, on the other hand is not. An infographic from November 2011 showed the divide as being split 63 per cent to 37 per cent in favour of males. No one will be surprised by that news.