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Lenovo Elbows HP Aside To Become Number One PC Supplier

Chinese computing behemoth Lenovo has toppled Hewlett Packard from the top of the computing market, just-released figures show. The U.S. firm shipped 13.55 million PCs, compared to Lenovo's 13.77, but has already come out fighting, disputing the data, which comes courtesy of Gartner.

Hewlett Packard, led by Meg Whitman, prefers IDC's figures, which have HP just shading it with 15.9 per cent market share, against Lenovo's 15.7 per cent. "While there are a variety of PC share reports in the market, some don't measure the market in its entirety," said the HP statement. "The IDC analysis includes the very important workstation segment and is therefore more comprehensive."

For all the press-release duking, the news doesn't hide the basic fact that sales of PCs are on the slide. "The hard question of what is the 'it' product for PCs remains unanswered, said Jay Chou, an analyst at IDC's Worldwide PC Tracker.

[Photo by Ruben de Rijcke via Creative Commons]