• 10.11.12

Want Me Get Me Gets You The VIP Treatment In Any Hotel

The online travel startup takes lower commission on hotel bookings to bring members VIP perks at swanky digs.

Want Me Get Me Gets You The VIP Treatment In Any Hotel

Everyone enjoys a little VIP status now and then, especially while on vacation. But when we head out for sunnier spaces, we also crave a bargain deal on a hotel room that’s not next to the ice machine. Enter Want Me Get Me, a new hotel booking site that treats members to VIP status at boutique and luxury hotels while still charging standard room fare.


Unlike Expedia or Hotwire, the hotels in Want Me Get Me’s network are exclusively luxury or boutique outfits, meaning there’s more consistency in the quality of your stay regardless of which hotel you choose. During all stays, members get placed on the general manager’s VIP list, free WiFi, and a room upgrade when available, all at the best available price. Want Me Get Me makes a flat commission from each hotel booking at a lower margin than the average online travel agency, so it can negotiate the extra amenities for members.

In an early poll of private beta members, Want Me Get Me found that nearly 80% of guests said they most crave room upgrades, free WiFi, and complimentary valet service.

Hotels will automatically be sent a guest’s Facebook profile photo when they sign into Want Me Get Me using Facebook Connect, so they can be easily recognized at check-in. Facebook Connect also helps members check out which of their friends have recommended particular hotels, and will soon let you share bookings and itineraries on your Facebook Timeline.

Want Me Get Me, which has raised a seed round from founders and its advisory board, which includes Path founder Dave Morin and execs from Jetsetter and Ace Hotel, has partnered with more than 200 luxury hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and the Bay Area to start, though its lofty plans are to both double the number of hotels and expand to all major U.S. cities by the end of the year.

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