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The Latest Local Deals Provider Is Your Car

Car-sharing service Zipcar plans to... zap drivers personalized deals and offers while they're on the road.

Car-sharing service Zipcar is planning to create a personalized recommendation service that would push local deals, offers, and benefits to users while they're on the road, according to TechCrunch.

The deals service is one of a few big mobile-based changes Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith said the company will be making to create a more convenient service for customers. Some other future features coming to Zipcar's mobile app include the ability for new customers to join Zipcar by sending in a photo of their driver's licenses to get fast membership approval; and an in-car assistant that will help you make sense of your rented vehicle and your surroundings.

The idea of a personalized deals service created by a car-sharing service is pretty logical—after all, what better time to showcase a local deal or offer around town than when the potential consumer is already out on the road? Selling personalized deals could also open up a new revenue stream for Zipcar.

[Image: Flickr user @reviewne]