Huawei and ZTE Answer Home Security Committee’s ‘Unsafe’ Accusations

The two Chinese telco firms release their own statements and the Congress Intelligence Committee report of a “predetermined outcome.”

Huawei and ZTE Answer Home Security Committee’s ‘Unsafe’ Accusations

Twenty-four hours after the U.S. State Congress report accused them of being a menace to state security, the two Chinese firms have answered back.

Huawei’s statement questions the Intelligence Committee’s evidence and claims it cooperated in an “open and transparent manner.” ZTE’s statement, meanwhile, focused on its equipment, saying that it was “safe for U.S. telecom infrastructure” before claiming it was the “most transparent, independent, globally focused, publicly traded telecom company.”

There is already fallout from the affair: Cisco has severed ties to ZTE, saying the Chinese firm flogged its networking gear to Iran.

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