Facebook To Introduce Want Button For Retailers

Victoria’ Secret, Neiman Marcus and Pottery Barn have signed up to the social network’s Collections launch, with its Pinterest-esque wish-list feature.

Another week, another innovation (preferably money-making) for Facebook. The social media site, whose attempts at monetizing the brand are currently coming thick and fast, has launched Facebook Collections. No, not that long-awaited range of sportwear in Poke Me Blue, but a new button it’s trying out in conjunction with a select bunch of retailers in the U.S.


Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, Michael Kors and Victoria’s Secret are all trying out Facebook’s new Want feature. It’s one of a troika of buttons that Facebook users can use on their Timeline, to say if they Like, Want or Collect a product from one of these retailers. As the service allows people to click through onto the relevant site and buy the product, the initiative will not make Facebook any money to start with. If, however, it proves successful, expect it to be harnessed to the firm’s Gifts feature to realise its full pecuniary potential.

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