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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Tattoos, The Rock, And More

This week Austin Carr tells the story of Hipstamatic's lost year, London considers commuter swim lanes, and The Rock conquers Twitter. These stories and more in this week's top 10.

10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Tattoos, The Rock, And More

1. 9 Artists Who Stretch The Rules Of Tattoo Design
Check out what some of the hottest tattoo artists are inking on human canvas.

2. A $70,000 Wooden Bike, Crafted Like A Century-Old Chair
The coolest bikes are made of wood. And they cost $70,000.

3. Do You Smell What @TheRock Is Tweeting?
Fast Company
Find out how The Rock dominated the Twitter ring.

4. No Filter: Inside Hipstamatic’s Lost Year Searching For The Next Killer Social App
Fast Company
Austin Carr documents photo app Hipstamatic's efforts to break big in the highly competitive digital photo app market.

5. Infographic: The Cost Of A Famous Logo? From $0 To $211 Million
This infographic highlights the crazy variance in the cost of a logo. BBC, really?

6. No Filter: How Instagram Caused Hipstamatic To Lose Focus And Gamble On Social
Fast Company
Austin Carr continues to track Hipstamatic's movements in the wake of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram.

7. Hulu Struggles To Survive The Influence Of Its Parent Companies
Fast Company
Hulu was so disruptive to online video that its CEO, Jason Kilar, may have revolutionized his way out of a job.

8. Will London Be The First City With Commuter Swim Lanes?
Inspired by the High Line, British architects are looking to convert canals into commuter swimming lanes.

9. Haitian Villagers Are Sure Sorry To Hear About Your #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS
It turns out that "FirstWorldProblems" are not so entertaining to impoverished Haitians.

10. A Gorgeous Exploration Of The New Visual Language Of Sustainability
Cause and Effect aims to educate those hoping to make an environmental impact on the merits of clever design and marketing.

Check out our favorite stories from around the web this week.

1. Spin It! Create your own lines from Biden and Ryan's vice-presidential debate
The Guardian
Create your own vice-presidential debate!

2. A diamond bigger than Earth?
Diamonds larger than Earth exist. Maybe it's time to accelerate the space program.

3. The iPhone 5 Is a Miracle
Farhad Manjoo retracts his condemnation and dubs the iPhone 5 the "best phone ever." What changed his mind? Unparalleled build quality.

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