Jay-Z Brings Brooklyn To YouTube With Life+Times Channel

The rapper will live stream his final performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on YouTube this Saturday night and launch his own TV network. Just don’t call him Yo!-prah.

Jay-Z Brings Brooklyn To YouTube With Life+Times Channel

Jay-Z is bringing his brand to YouTube with the launch of the Life+Times Channel. Saturday night’s launch will kick off with a live stream of the Brooklyn-born rapper and entrepreneur’s final concert at the Barclays Center, home to his beloved Brooklyn Nets (a team that he partially owns).

A collaboration with IconicTV, Life+Times is expected to work like a TV network does, right down to making money from advertising. There will be original content that showcases Jay-Z’s interests, with programs on food, architecture, fashion, and electronics. “We’ve been approaching this channel and programming it as a real channel,” says IconicTV’s Chief Creative, Michael Hirschorn. “Not at the level of an MTV or a BET. At least not yet.”

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