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Presidential Debate Watched By Nearly 70 Million People On TV--And Another Few Million Online

Wednesday's presidential debate was watched by millions on the Internet via video streaming. Although the total is not yet known, it will have been dwarfed by the audience on traditional television—67.2 million, according to figures from Nielsen.

YouTube claims for "millions of live streamed views of the debates, and one of the highest number of concurrent streams ever for a YouTube live stream. One of their partners, Ustream, claimed 3.5 million views of both debate and debate-related videos—which included live fact checking and commentary—both live and recorded.

Other winners on Wednesday night included AOL, Hulu, and the Wall Street Journal, which brought in over 100,000 viewers on its many outlets. CNN totted up five million starts of their debate videos, and 1.2 million live views around the world. The only event that has bested those stats in 2012 was Whitney Houston's funeral.

(Ed note: Due to an editing error, the headline of this post initially said that nearly 70 million people watched the debate online. The headline has since been corrected.)

[Image via Creative Commons]