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The Doctor Will See You Sooner Now

ZocDoc’s new check-in service lets you fill out your paperwork before you get to the doctor’s office.

The Doctor Will See You Sooner Now

ZocDoc, the online service that lets you find and book appointments with available doctors, just made the process a bit easier.

Making good on its users’ top-requested feature, ZocDoc has begun offering Check-In, a service that allows users to fill out those pages and pages of new-patient medical forms before they ever have to step foot into the doctor’s office. The service will rolling out gradually in the coming weeks, initially available to just 10% of ZocDoc’s 1.8 million monthly users.

Aside from the benefit of saving patients the trouble of having to arrive at the doctor’s office early to fill out lengthy paperwork, ZocDoc says offering Check-In will help improve accuracy because patients aren’t rushed to complete forms, and digital paperwork is more legible for office staff.

It’s a useful addition to a service that caters largely to first-time patients who haven’t visited these doctors before. And in case you do like your ZocDoc doctor and want to visit in the future, Check-In will ask you if you want to use the information you had previously stored, similar to how retail sites will let you store your credit card information for speedier future checkouts.

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