Facebook Launching Promoted Posts In U.S.

Seven bucks will speed your post up the rankings, ensuring that more people see your message. Which means more riot police at teen parties, no?

Facebook is to introduce promoted posts in the U.S., at a cost of $7. The service, which is testing in New Zealand, will be similar to Twitter’s initiative, launched earlier this year. For a few dollars more, your post will be given a higher position in the news ranking, meaning that more people will see it, and you will be able to see how many people have seen it.


The idea is a no-brainer for Facebook, as it will bring in much-needed revenue, rather like its new Gifts service. The difference being, that almost all of this $7 will be profit. There is a downside, however. How many people will want to pay for a service that already exists, albeit in a less turbo-charged form?

Let’s finish up with a nightmare scenario, shall we? You’re having a party. You put the deets on Facebook, shelling out for a promoted post for higher visibility. And, instead of a laid-back gathering of, say, 50 people at your quinceanera, expect half a billion. Now that’s cool. (Or is that half a cool?)

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