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Square Directory Helps Customers And Businesses Discover Each Other

Square's new directory of businesses, launched today, will help match Square app-users with businesses.

Soon, every other barista in Manhattan will be able to tell you what Square is. But for now, Square’s dongle and Register are still rare sightings. And in app form, Square Wallet is still one of several payments apps like LevelUp or Belly or Passbook that its downloaders have tucked away in the "Pay/Deals" folder of their smartphone.

Directory is a searchable database that lists Square businesses by location and name. More than 200,000 businesses have signed up to display their locations and menus on the app and on the website, Square says.

Location-based listing is something other emerging mobile payments companies like LevelUp have as a feature. But Square's directory goes one step beyond that. It lets you search for individual items—umbrellas, lattes, BLTs—and browse menus and special deals. Taken together, Square's directory goes a ways in leading potential customers to businesses that they may not have otherwise discovered.

[Image: Square]

Nidhi Subbaraman writes about technology and life. Follow on Twitter, Google+.