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BBC Rumored To Be Jumping Into Music Streaming World With Playlister

The BBC is reportedly working on a music version of its popular iPlayer service, says the Daily Telegraph. The service, called Playlister, is the brainchild of Tim Davie, the corporation's head of Audio & Music. The idea is to draw on the Beeb's archive of audio recordings and give users in Britain access to an enormous jukebox—for free.

One problem the Beeb is hoping to circumvent is that of artists' rights, which have traditionally prevented it from releasing recordings of BBC concerts and the like. A tie-up with competitors such as Spotify and iTunes could mean that this issue is laid to rest, as they have already negotiated the thorny issue successfully.

Although the BBC refused to confirm or deny the story, Playlister is expected to launch either at the end of this year or early 2012.