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3-D Not Attracting Home Consumers, Says Sony Chief

The advent of 3-D technology at home is not translating into sales, says Sony's man in the U.K. Fergal Gara, the chief executive of Sony U.K., made his comments in an interview following the British launch of the firm's slimline PlayStation 3. The impact of the technology on the gaming world had been negligible, he said, before moving onto the concept of 3-D as a whole. And, given how much time and spondoolicks the Japanese firm has invested in the concept, that's quite an admission.

"Wearing the glasses and consuming 3-D in the home isn't hugely popular. That's just a fact," he said, pointing out the difference between going to the movies and tooling about on one's sofa on a school night. "In the home people tune in and tune out a bit, and doing that with glasses on and glancing at your tablet or pausing for a bit, compared to the cinema experience, which is a solely focused experience, you know there is a difference emerging there."