• 10.02.12

This Presidential Debate Is Brought To You By The Internet

Can’t catch this year’s presidential debates on TV? No problem, says the Internet.

This Presidential Debate Is Brought To You By The Internet

If you’re torn between spending tomorrow evening watching the presidential debates and watching GIFs, don’t worry: Now, you can watch the first presidential debate as GIFs.


Tomorrow, Tumblr and The Guardian are teaming up for the first-ever presidential debate live-GIF. Tumblr will have a four-person “crack team” of GIF-makers on hand to capture each heated moment, which The Guardian will also dissect and liveblog. Tomorrow’s debate is the most recent in a series of high-profile events that are inadvertently bringing GIFs to the fore as an acceptable medium for news consumption, following the GIF-tastic London Olympics.

And for those of you who prefer your Internet the old-fashioned way, YouTube and ABC will also be livestreaming the debates for the first time. The videos will live on both ABC’s YouTube channel and YouTube’s Election Hub, and YouTube will also feature commentary from its Election Hub partners, which include Al Jazeera English and BuzzFeed. In addition to the livestream, which will also be available after the debates are over, YouTube says it will also queue up post-debate highlights.

Tomorrow night’s debate offerings are further indication this year marks the first truly “social” presidential election, with everything from Mitt Romney’s Amercia to President Obama’s RedditAsk Me Anything” ushering in new, Internet-fueled avenues of political discourse that bring us closer than ever to America’s next President-to-be.

The first presidential debate, on domestic policy, starts Wednesday at 9 p.m.

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