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Wallaby Financial's Smart Credit Card Makes Choosing The Right Card Easier

Time to lose some wallet weight. Wallaby Financial’s smart credit card stores data for all your accounts and allows you to use one single card for all purchases, managing and measuring potential reward points to help you reap the greatest benefit possible. Sound complicated? It is. But as a user, you’ll probably never know.


1. Make a purchase; 2. Earn maximum rewards.


1. Learns which rewards are the ones you most want to earn; 2. Processes your purchase using an algorithm to measure potential rewards for each of your accounts.

3. Sends the purchase to the card that gets you the best deal. "We needed to sort through this noise," says CEO Matthew Goldman. "If you use the wrong card to make purchases, it’s like trying to use the wrong coupon at a store." 4. Alerts you with updates about earnings and transactions, restoring a sense of calm to anxious consumers who don’t want to surrender power. "This is opt-in," Goldman says, "so it works for the curious and the easily annoyed."

Illustrations by Peter Sucheski

A version of this article appeared in the November 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.