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Chinese Hackers Infiltrate White House Military Network

A spear-phishing attack originating in China successfully gained access to the White House office responsible for the "nuclear football" and Air Force One security.

Chinese hackers have gained access to the secure White House Military Office network, government sources confirm. In early September, a spear-phishing attack originating in China successfully infiltrated the sensitive office—which handles, among other things, the codes used for the President's "nuclear football" and security for Air Force One. The story was broken by the conservative Free Beacon website and confirmed by White House sources to Politico. While the hackers gained access to the WHMO, the White House claims that it was an "isolated" attack on an unclassified network with no data theft taking place. Attacks by foreign hackers on the American government via sophisticated spear-phishing emails are increasingly common; government IT staff, contractors, and security teams report an epidemic.