Silicon Valley Tech Companies Storm Capitol Hill

Sharpening agendas, hiring lobbyists, and courting Republicans? Yes, techies: D.C. is a long way from California.

Silicon Valley Tech Companies Storm Capitol Hill
Illustration by Bigshot Toyworks

Bedfellows 2.0
Techies may be heroes in Silicon Valley. But in D.C., they’re just another special interest–and they’re finally coming to accept that.


Load Up The Truck
In lobbying spending, one company reigns supreme.

Back In Love With The GOP
The bipartisan giving of free-spirit companies: a primer

Don’t Play Pitchfork Politics
This year’s tech activism revealed a rookie misunderstanding: To win in D.C., you must show some respect.

Big Tech’s Frenemies
Big Tech is unified on many issues, including immigration, privacy, and tax reform–but lobbying can also split allies apart.

Not Everybody Loves A Winner
The three elections that may matter most to the Valley.

Big Tech’s Unlikely Allies
In lobbying, strangers can become the best of partners. Here are five of Big Tech’s most valued causes, and the outside group who is helping with the push.


Ten Agendas In A Five-Byte Bag
How tech lobbies pols while also selling their services.

The Tech Industry Vs. Washington D.C: A Brief History
A rundown of tech lobbying in Washington.

Tech’s Original Lobbyist: The Industry Speaks With Too Many Voices
An interview with Jack Krumholtz, Microsoft’s first lobbyist, who was with the company from 1995 to 2009.