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Generation Flux

Fast Company Career Transition Survey

The shock of a new gig: can you handle it? Fast Company needs your help as we put career transition stress under the microscope.

Fast Company Career Transition Survey

How do you survive in a world where flux is the only constant?

Whether you are running a small team, at the helm of a recently funded start-up or a newly minted member of the executive class, mastering the intense pressure of a new gig or project is the toughest but most essential skill we have to master. With the rush of rapid learning and new opportunity, comes the crisis of the unknown and potential failure. How do you find out what you need to know to be successful?

Fast Company is putting this essential skill under the microscope.

With the help of international talent management consultants Development Dimensions International we’ve put together a quick survey that will kick off a month of transitions research. Just think back to a time when you had a new job, project or responsibility and answer as honestly as you can. (Anonymously, of course.)

[Image: Flickr user Jimmy Baikovicius]