Facing The Techy Youthful Future Of Health Care

Facing The Techy Youthful Future Of Health Care

What is driving more Valley entrepreneurs to health care?

“All of these VCs are now starting to put money into the space. And as we start getting some big wins, we’re going to see this accelerate. The smartest minds of our generation shouldn’t be working on getting us more addicted to Facebook or Twitter; they should be working on helping us get–and stay–healthy.” Aza Raskin, cofounder, Massive Health

Data Point: $300B

“McKinsey & Co. estimates that in the U.S., we have a $300 billion productivity opportunity in health care if we can find a way to improve quality and lower costs. Americans spend more per person in health care than any other industrialized nation, but our health care outcomes are not number one in key areas. We have a great system, generally, but we can be more productive.” Aneesh Chopra, former CTO of the United States

Who are the early adopters of new health care platforms?

“Tumblr was our first client. We go after the innovative tech companies, because we’re really just a group of early adopter doctors and early adopter patients. Whenever health care is run by our generation, it’s going to look much different. That’s pretty exciting.” Jay Parkinson, CEO, Sherpaa (a New York City service that connects patients and doctors 24/7 via cell phone and web)

Fast Talk: Health Care Shake-Up

Halle Tecco
Ash Damle
Tamara Khan
Doug Hirsch and Scott Marlette
Jonathan Bush and Dr. Kyra Bobinet

[Illustrations by Joel Kimmel]