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Shortage of Engineers Is Causing 'Crisis' In Tech Industry

A lack of qualified workers in the tech industry is causing a crisis, says Microsoft. The firm has started lobbying in Washington, calling for a new approach to science, technology, engineering and math teaching at schools, and warning that if changes are not made, the U.S. will lose out to other, better-prepared nations.

The firm proposes to pay for the education costs by increasing the number of H1B visas, which enable highly-skilled foreigners to work in the U.S., which cost employers $10,000 each, as well as re-allocating 20,000 unused green cards. Brad Smith, Microsoft's General Counsel and executive VP claims that the firm is looking for 3,400 skilled tech engineers, an increase of 34 per cent on last year, and cannot find homegrown talent to work as engineers, developers and researchers.