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Microsoft’s Bing Gets Klout

The game of influence just got a boost. Bing users will now start seeing experts’ Klout scores, and Bing will give search data to the social influence measurer to help with accuracy.

Microsoft’s Bing Gets Klout

Microsoft is helping Klout grow its influence with a new strategic investment and a multiyear agreement to mesh the social influence measurer with Bing.

Now, under Bing’s “People Who Know” portion of its social sidebar, you’ll see experts’ Klout scores and influential topics. Klout scores are the latest to join Bing’s corral of integrated social services, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Quora. The idea behind Bing’s aggressive social integration is that people, especially experts, rather than documents are valuable resources on the social web, particularly when it comes to search. (Google, which is still the dominant search service of choice, pulls its social content from Google+.)

And Bing won’t just display Klout scores, it plans to help improve the ratings’ accuracy by feeding the service with search data, which has historically been a large missing puzzle piece in the Klout equation for social influence. So now, those “People Who Know” experts will get more influence on Klout, and people with Wikipedia accounts listed in their Klout profiles will up their influence the more they’re searched on Bing.

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