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Samsung Muscles In On New Territory - Providing Digital Content

Samsung has finally confirmed that it is poised to step into the digital content market, its sights set firmly on territory held by American tech firms. A senior VP from the Korean electronics giant has confirmed it, saying that the message has come from his bosses - beware Apple, Amazon and Google, and prepare for content Gangnam style.

But the firm isn't necessarily planning to build a system itself, but rather through acquisitions. Earlier this year Samsung bought Silicon Valley firm mSpot which powers the firms's self-constructed Music Hub, and which it hopes will be a rival to iTunes and its competitors. Given the rumours about Apple's impending move into music streaming, there is speculation that Samsung has its eye on one of the big names in music streaming, such as Pandora or Spotify.

"Mobile business is what Samsung is doing very well," said Kang Tae-jin, Senior VP of Samsung's Media Solution Center. "As a result we have deep pockets and are very serious about content business." The firm's aim, he said, was to be in the top four of digital content providers within three years. Providing a pre-installed own-brand service on Samsung handsets could be the way to achieve that.