Details of Maps Bust-up Between Google And Apple Revealed

Apple’s unpicking of Google’s contract with one year to go was guided by voices–or Google’s reluctance to add voice-guided directions to iOS.

Details of Maps Bust-up Between Google And Apple Revealed

A week after it all began, the truth about the Apple-Google Maps car crash is beginning to emerge. AllThingsD has uncovered evidence that points to increasing friction between the two tech monsters over a plethora of issues. Branding, control, contractual obligations and direction of the navigation service were all factors that led to Apple cutting up its deal with Google and deciding to go it alone with its own underdeveloped Maps.

The main issues seems to be voice-guided directions. This is a service available on Android devices, and Apple wanted a version of it for its own OS. No, no, no, said Google, this wasn’t in the original contract. Maybe if you were to brand the Maps app with Google it might work. Or how about using Latitude? This time it was Apple who demurred, also worrying that the Mountain View posse were using Google Maps’ position on the iPhone to gather a worrying amount of data. The Cupertino gang continued their under-the-radar acquisition of mapping firms and, when their rival turned down a request for voice-guided directions on the iOS, cut Google loose and turned to its own-brand navigation service. “Apple knew it had a lot of catching up to do in maps,” says AllThingsD’s source. “But given what’s happened the past couple of days, I think they felt they were farther along than they actually are.”

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