• 09.27.12

Dude, Where Are My Panoramic Instagrams?

A feature in iOS 6 lets you stitch together photos to create gorgeous panoramas that would look right at home on your Facebook. So why isn’t it Instagram compatible?

Dude, Where Are My Panoramic Instagrams?

Yesterday, Instagram released some handy updates that finally brought support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Among other things, it’s also ditched the live filter option (which it’s eventually phasing out completely) and made use of the iPhone 5’s larger screen by letting you see more photos in your feed at once.


But the photos you can take on Instagram are still squarely, well, square, and they end up looking slightly awkward against the iPhone 5’s extra screen real estate.

You know what could fill up that extra space? Those neat hi-res panorama shots you can now take using the camera on your iOS 6-enabled iPhone 4S or 5 and iPod touch. The same panoramic shots that look exactly like Facebook cover photos.

So why doesn’t Instagram support panoramas? Given the careful additions to this most recent update, it seems like a strange oversight, especially since Apple has boasted about the new Facebook integration in the iPhone 5, which include the ability to share a photo to Facebook directly from your camera roll, where you’re already busy storing those sprawling nature shots.

We’ve reached out to Instagram for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

[Image: Flickr user Mr Conguito]

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