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Google Play Hits 25 Billion Downloads In Under Four Years

It took them three years and eleven months to do it, but Google Play has passed the 25 billion downloads mark. And of those, the last 15 million apps were purchased in under a year - which goes to show how Android's worldwide dominance on the mobile device front is beginning to make a real difference. To celebrate the milestone Google is offering some gnarly discounts for the next few days, with apps from developers such as Rovio and EA on sale for just 25 cents.

Just to compare, Apple's App store passed the same mark earlier this year, taking 101 days less than Google did to hit the 25 billion-download mark. It's worth remembering that there are more apps for iOS devices than Android ones - 550,000 against 440,000 and that, as well as being earlier adopters, Apple consumers spend more on apps than users of Android-powered devices. The iPad, remember, still owns 70 per cent of the tablet market.