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HTC Experiments Selling Charger-less Smartphone in U.K.

HTC, the Taiwanese phone company has announced that it is to start selling its latest flagship model, the One X, without a charger in the U.K. It's an admirable attempt to cut down on technology waste, but it beggars the question, given the fanfare some three years ago from ten handset makers, trumpeting the imminent arrival of the universal micro-charger, why didn't the manufacturers just do this earlier? Anyhow, the recent arrival of the iPhone's new lightning charger has put the kibosh, Gangnam-style, on the whole less-is-more concept, for the time being.

The move is being made in conjunction with U.K. service provider O2, which has calculated that around 70 per cent of new handsets are sold to people who already own a compatible charger - ie, customers do tend to show brand loyalty to their cellphones, another way of saying people can't be bothered to learn a new OS. Can you blame them?

Buyers of the One X who are new to HTC will not have to worry. The phone will come with a USB cable that connects into the charger, and the charger itself will be available at cost price.