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Google Turns Turtle and Takes Street View Underwater

Google has unveiled seven stunning new vistas as part of Street View—but there's a twist. They're all underwater. There are seven locations, all in the Pacific, from the Philippines via the Great Barrier Reef to Hawaii (Hello Brian!)—and the pictures show panoramic views of some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs.

The firm's engineers provided support, but the photography and stitching together was done by the Caitlin Sea Survey, a Bermuda-based organization. The equipment used was a camera that took a 24-megapixel shot from each of its three lenses every four seconds, by divers traveling at 1-2mph. The more curmudgeonly among you may wonder at the point of this but, aside from the obvious scientific purposes of the project, there's a great home run for Google: fish won't sue for invasion of privacy.