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With Setify, eBay Goes Back To Its Roots And Creates The Nerdiest Pinterest Ever

A new Pinterest-like tool is the e-retailer's nod toward its original users: comic book fanboys and coin collectors.

eBay's recent moves help point to where the company's headed in the future: straight for Amazon. First, it bought retail-curation startup Svpply. Then it debuted its first-ever logo redesign. And this week, it launched Setify, a new Pinterest-like service for some of the site's most active users—comic book and coin collectors—to organize and share the collections they've built or are looking to complete.

On Setify, collectors can map out what they have and tag items they're still looking for. They can also show off their collections to other users in the community. As eBay attempts to make the process of hunting down hard-to-find items easier for collectors, it's also capitalizing on an opportunity to become the go-to site for collectors, who often scour different, non-eBay websites in their searches.

The service is currently geared toward collectors, who make up an active but fairly niche market of eBay users. But most of what eBay sells today are new, fixed-price "Buy It Now!" items. It's not hard to see how Setify could eventually cater to any shopper looking to organize, compare, and view what they aspire to collect, old or new.

[Image: Flickr user SamHowzit]

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