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Motorola Loses Top Design Engineer to Intel

Roger Jellicoe, a veteran engineer at Motorola and the brains behind some of its once iconic - if, nowadays, derided - cellphones, has been poached by Intel. The chip manufacturer has made the Brit, 37 years a Motorola man, a VP at its new division, R&D Devices. So does this mean we will be seeing an Intel phone?

Probably not, but what about a tablet? If this is the case, then Google, which bought Motorola Mobillity earlier this year, might really regret it. Intel is pushing its brand hard, with the Intel Inside logo appearing on the back of some smart phones in India, Russia and the U.K. And one of these is the Razr i, launched by Motorola last week.

While not quite Musical Beds, it's still intriguing. Intel's Ultrabook is part tablet, part laptop - meaning it's not quite tablet enough. Google's Nexus 7 is nifty, but a bit limited. If Intel is betting on Roger Jellicoe to deliver the next iPad killer, then Google might just have lost a bit of ground in the tablet wars.