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Cryptocat 2 Is Here

The popular encrypted chat platform with a cat-themed aesthetic has released a new public beta that drastically changes everything under the hood. The cute cats, however, are still there.

Cryptocat, the popular encrypted online chatting platform, just launched their second edition. Cryptocat 2 went into public beta on September 23 as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The new version, which sports an 8-bit video game inspired aesthetic similar to its predecessor, has a redesigned user interface, support for Off-The-Record encryption, uses the XMPP-MUC protocol, and has support for 18 languages. Creator Nadim Kobeissi rebuilt the software from scratch for the rerelease; the original Cryptocat was the subject of fierce debates over security vulnerabilities. Due to its ease of use and retro style, Cryptocat has built a cult following over the past year.

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