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Google Loses Another Patent Lawsuit in Germany Over Motorola Devices

Google has lost yet another patent battle in Germany, this time against Microsoft. The case centred on how some Motorola mobile devices handle different types of user input on their apps, something that other technology firms such as Samsung and HTC pay a licence for.

Microsoft welcomed the decision but has to decide whether to pay a multi-million euro bond and force Google, the parent company of Motorola Mobility, to either recall its products or suffer a sales ban. Meanwhile, in the red, green, yellow and blue corner, Google is mulling over the decision whether to appeal or not.

This comes as the European Antitrust commissioner, Joaquim Almunia, warned Google over its behaviour over its rivals in the old continent. The firm could be fined up to 10% of its revenue - €2.9 billion - if it continues to use its might against other firms. Almunia also weighed in over the patent debate, saying that he expected the firms to negotiate solutions themselves rather than go to courts.

And finally, in a patent-related footnote, Samsung has said it will file a bunch of lawsuits against Apple, claiming that the iPhone 5 is "an accused product", yes, a filthy infringer. Are you still awake?